St. Tikhon's Pilgrimage - 09/18/10

On September 18th, our parish sponsored a bus trip for a one day pilgrimage to the Monastery of St. Tikhon, in South Canaan, Pa.  The monastery is over a hundred years old and six of the twelve canonized saints of America have had an association with the monastery. We were blessed to visit this holy monastery and venerate the many relics of the saints.  The day was spent in prayer, fellowship, visits to the bookstore and museum, the cemetery, and the various shrines on the grounds. We are appreciative that Bishop Tikhon broke bread with us at the luncheon and spoke with us about the nature of the monastic life.  The Abbot, St. Sergius, also gave us a warm welcome and Monk Nicodemus provided us with a tour of the Monastery and conversed with us about spiritual persons associated with the history of the monastery.  We returned home with a sense of spiritual joy and strength.  Glory to God!