2019 Calendar of Events - 11/18/18

2019 Monthly Calendar of Events are posted to this website.  All of the services, events, etc are listed from Jan to Dec 2019.  You can use these monthly calendars to plan ahead for 2019.

Access to the monthly calendars is as follows:

1 Select 'Service Schedule' at the top of the menu on the www.ssppoc.org website.

2 Enter the Month and Year from the two drop down list.

3 Click 'View Month'

4 The 'Monthly Calendar' will appear on the screen.

5 You can print out this view of the Monthly Calendar by right-clicking with your mouse and selecting print.

6 There are options to have this monthly calendar automatically update your calendar on your phone.  If you have iPhone, select the Green icon. If you have Android, select the Blue icon and follow the steps.